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HELP! Caskett Clips For Video

I have a great idea for a Caskett video and I have no clips. If anyone could be so kind to inbox me and email me some clips. There are a few specific ones I need but any will help me. I need the season 2 finale “see you in the fall clip and any from season 5. :D I will give you many hugs and thank you and you will be mentioned on the video. :)


Mister Castle…

Mister Fillion…


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Castle Season 6 - My Chrome Theme

Hey Castle Friends, Go check out my Season 6 Castle theme. I Love it. :)


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All of my Caskett babies pics :) hehe

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History Repeating Itself?

I just realized that Kate’s ex boyfriend Will Sorenson got a job offer to Boston and chose the Job ending his relationship with Beckett. Is Kate Beckett going to repeat history or break a pattern?